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The reason you should think about a PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTION OF YOUR VEHICLE

Are the used vehicle that you’re looking at being considered lightly used or even worn-out? If you’re making a commitment that can be several thousand dollars as well as miles of driving and it’s not worth the risk to protect your money or your security. Experts agree that having an inspection before purchasing a vehicle is among the most crucial actions you can take before signing the contract and especially when the vehicle is not covered by a warranty. A vehicle history report is a valuable source of information about services, damages, or accidents, and also the status as title, having a qualified mechanic examine the car will provide you with a complete understanding of its state of repair and help you make an informed choice.

The reasons to have an inspection before purchase

Purchase a car with confidence

A pre-purchase inspection cannot only determine if the car is in good mechanical condition, however, but it can also tell you if it compares to the condition and the price.

Be aware of when to step away

These tests could reveal many things including major problems, for example, frame damage, poor repair work, fire or flood damages, to flaws such as corrosion and leaks of fluid. A significant issue could be the reason to shop for a new vehicle.

Negotiate a lower price

The mechanic that is inspecting the car will be able to give an estimate of costs for the repairs or parts which will need replacement and the information you will need to negotiate the cost of the vehicle.

Easy to set up

There’s no need to go too far: repair shops, garages, and dealerships usually offer inspections before purchase. Another option, when buying through a private seller can be an inspection on the move at the property of the seller or in a convenient location. If the seller is open about the condition of the vehicle and condition, they’re likely to oppose an inspection being conducted.


It’s around $100-$200 and isn’t much when compared to the typical cost of a used vehicle and repair costs that could result when you purchase lemons. In exchange for the cost, you’ll typically receive an overview of all aspects covered. You may also get pictures to support notes of the recommended repairs.


If you’re not a skilled mechanic, performing a pre-purchase check will likely be more thorough than the flimsy job that most of us can perform. In this regard, it is best to choose a reputable expert, independent of the market, and use the services of a mechanic with whom you’ve established an established relationship, suggests Edmunds. Most Mint Condition will cover 150 or more distinct points.

Combines with an initial test drive

The examiner will likely conduct a test drive of the vehicle in their duties as a driver, and you have the opportunity to hop behind the wheel for an enjoyable test drive, if you haven’t taken it up before, also.

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