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Why Experts Often Recommend Paintless Dent Repairs?    

PDR stands for Paintless Dent Removal for cars, is a procedure of repairing dents fallen on their body surfaces. It is bodywork done by professionals to reshape the panel without making use of paint. When you go for a Paintless dent repair job for your car it means that your car will be delivered to you in a perfect state without the ugly dents, while its body paint will be as it was when you handed it over to the auto body shop, assured the owner of the Liberty Lake paintless dent removal shop.

He further explained that during a PDR, the specialists who handle your car dents use special tools to press the dents and massage out the damaged panel parts from inside. As a result, the metal part that was dented is pushed out and is restored to its original shape without meddling with the paint. This bodywork is now seen to be the most popular dent repair kind across the world and is recommended often by the experts who want to maintain the paint finishing of their cars that came from the manufacturer.

How is Paintless Dent Repair Done?

PDR is becoming all the more popular for being the most cost-effective and quicker alternative to conventional dent repair methods that involve a paint job. The reasons behind the popularity of the Paintless Dent Repair process are manifold. Even the experts recommend this method often to car owners for the following reasons.

The process makes use of Fluorescent or LED lighting to illuminate all the damaged areas. This is done to enhance the visibility to the technician on the dents, making it easier to work upon. A bunch of specialist tools is used to gain easier access to the rear end of the dented panels that can carefully massage out the dents from the inside of the car body.

Several Advantages

While conventional dent repair takes a few days, the Paintless Dent Repair process delivers your car within a few hours. PDR also makes the best option, when your car surface is damaged with smaller dents, and there is no visible damage caused to the body paint.

Dents and dings that are mostly caused by hailstorms, cricket balls, and stones can be repaired in no time if you place an order for a PDR. Paintless Dent Repairs are also a lot cheaper than the conventional method since the process does not involve repainting and minimizes the usage of filler.

No worries about the color mismatch. Since a Paintless Dent Repair process does not involve a paint job, this eliminates the worries of the car owners to receive their cars with mismatched paint, that not only looks ugly but also force them to go for yet another paint job, which is quite expensive and bereft of any guarantee that this time it will be all perfect.

So, if your car needs a PDR service, check out the services offered by the Liberty Lake PDR center to get the best results.

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