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Investing in RV Add-Ons Is A Good Idea

You’ll want to have all the comforts of home in your recreational vehicle so that your trips are memorable and exciting. You’ll need these things whether you’re going camping for the weekend or across the United States over the course of a month. Keep reading to learn the top six necessities, such as solar power chargers and portable showers, for any road trip in an RV.

A Battery Charger That Runs on Solar Energy

It’s really annoying to have your phone or other electronic item die when RV camping, especially if you’re miles away from any sort of power source. On the other side, a solar panel charger allows you to keep your equipment powered up even when you’re miles from civilization. In order to charge your electronics, solar panel chargers convert sunlight into electricity. They are convenient for camping because they don’t require fuel, are lightweight, and are simple to put up. They benefit the environment and reduce your electricity cost simultaneously. It’s possible that a solar panel charger is what you need to keep your phone charged and online while RV camping.

Mobile Air Compressor

The ability to rapidly and easily fill tires and other items with compressed air makes a portable air compressor a useful accessory for any recreational vehicle. When not in use, most compressors can be stored in a garage or a small closet. Additionally, many designs feature an easily accessible pressure gauge. Take the maximum pressure it can withstand and the capacity of the tank into account when shopping for a portable air compressor. When it comes to RVs, a handheld compressor is usually all that’s required. Select a model with a larger tank if you plan on inflating bulkier objects, such as pool floats or beach toys.

Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Being in the great outdoors while listening to your favorite tunes or podcast is the best. However, you might not be able to listen to music when RV camping. A Bluetooth speaker might work well here. As soon as you pair your mobile device with a Bluetooth speaker, you can start listening to your music collection wirelessly.

You can talk on the phone hands-free thanks to the built-in microphones on some Bluetooth speakers. Listening to music or a podcast on a Bluetooth speaker is a fun way to pass the time by the fire or when driving through the woods in an RV.

Coffee Brewer (12V)

A cup of coffee, or some other stimulant, is sometimes necessary to pull us out of bed and into the day. Some of us need that morning coffee to get going. How, though, can you possibly drive while sipping freshly brewed coffee? The solution is obvious: purchase a 12V coffee machine for your RV. You can take a steaming mug of coffee with you everywhere you go with a coffee maker designed specifically for use in vehicles like cars and recreational vehicles. The convenience of 12V power means you can use them anywhere.

In order to get started, simply insert it into your lighter. Don’t leave home without your 12V coffee machine. It’s the quickest option for obtaining a steaming mug of coffee while on the road.

LED Lighting

Lighting an RV with LED light strips is a cheap and versatile option. Use them to illuminate the road, the campsite, or any outdoor activity beyond the RV’s walls. LED light strips are versatile in that they come in a rainbow of colors that may be utilized to create any atmosphere.

In addition to being more eco-friendly than traditional light bulbs, LED light strips’ low energy consumption is a major benefit. When you purchase a Keystone Retreat RV from Leisureland RV Center and equip it with an electric awning equipped with LED lights, you have a mobile event space. You can have reliable lighting for your next camping trip with the help of LED light strips, which are also wonderful for sprucing up your RV.

An RV’s Power Needs Can Be Met in Different Ways

There are a few things to consider before setting out in your RV to get away from it all. One of the most crucial considerations is the source of electricity for your setup. Generating sets are commonly used, although they can be noisy and emit harmful pollutants. Fortunately, there are a few alternative options for keeping your RV running. Eco-conscious travelers who also wish to see the world frequently employ solar panels. They are helpful to the ecosystem and simple to install and maintain.

A portable wind turbine is another option. They are more expensive than solar panels but may still generate electricity during windy weather. The ideal RV power source is the one that meets your requirements and suits your tastes. With some investigation, you should be able to identify the optimal course of action for yourself.

Experienced RV travelers can attest that some amenities are essential to a good time on the road. If you want to go RVing without a lot of hassle, you’ll need some of these accessories, which range from those that make putting up and taking down the RV easier to those that make traveling more pleasant and easy. The most common RV add-ons are awnings, leveling blocks, hitching systems, storage containers, and power converters and adapters. Investing in these essential RV add-ons will make your time on the road much more comfortable and convenient.

These are but a few of the items you should pack for your upcoming RV vacation. You may have extra requirements not covered here. On the other hand, it should serve as a solid jumping-off point for when you’re ready to load up the RV and hit the road. Travel trailer shoppers should head on over to Leisureland RV Center’s website at www.leisurelandrvcenter.com and have a look at the newest Keystone Retreat model. It’s ideal for campers of all kinds! Our goal is to provide only the finest pre-owned recreational vehicles available. Therefore we carefully choose each one. Careful inspections and tests are performed on each RV in our 10,000-square-foot service center. At the time of delivery, all of the primary features will be operational and on show. For no additional cost, we will provide comprehensive training on all aspects of operating your new recreational vehicle.

Your satisfaction is important to our expert staff, which is why we always aim to meet your requirements and cultivate lasting bonds with each of our clients. As stated in our slogan, “No Pressure,” we never resort to high-pressure sales tactics. We place a premium on ensuring that you receive the finest possible education, that your recreational vehicle needs are met, and that you are completely satisfied with the care that you receive from us. Every RV vacation you take will be an experience to remember, thanks to our help.

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