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Four Popular Features of Armored Sedans

Armored sedans are built for weight and durability. They are often found on the roads of affluent neighborhoods. These vehicles typically have reinforced passenger compartments, reinforced door panels, and strengthened windows. Troy Armoring armored sedans often come with ballistic inserts to protect occupants from handguns, knives, and other projectiles. They may also come equipped with K9 units and car alarms. As such, they feature a lot of extra security features that make them not just safer than normal cars but more secure too.

Let us now look into 4 popular features of armored sedans.

  • Discreet

The main reason these vehicles are chosen by the middle class is their discretion. These sedans look like regular cars on the outside and thus won’t attract unwanted attention from outsiders. People who live in insecure areas might want to fit a bit of protection for the family on their vehicles. Even if some armored sedans look heavy and bulky, they can easily hide in plain sight. The heavy steel frames make these vehicles strong against high-caliber projectiles like rifles and bullets. And so, they are often bought by security agencies around the world.

  • Self-sealing fuel tanks

Another unique feature of armored sedans is their self-sealing fuel tanks. These tanks are placed in the back of the vehicle and are usually bolted somewhere inside the trunk section. The typical fuel tank holds about one gallon of gasoline and lasts for about 50 miles. Some armored cars feature two self-sealings to supplement their primary tank, which extends the range even more. This helps save weight, increasing their safety and gas mileage.

  • Shocking door handles

These vehicles are rear-wheel drives, which means they have to be very durable in case one axle breaks down. Armored sedans have heavy steel doors with reinforced hinges, so the person inside is not likely to be knocked around by a broken door. If a hinge is too heavy or sturdy, it can be replaced with an aftermarket one.

  • Reinforced bumpers

The other parts of the armored sedan that need protection include the bumpers. Bumpers are typically made from thick steel or aluminum and may or may not have a layer of protective armor placed on them. Some armored sedans have additional bumpers that are reinforced with heavy steel, which gives them even more durability against heavy objects like bullets.

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