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Car Paint Protection Film Installation: Why It Must be Performed by Experts

If you are like many people, you probably rely on your car to give you a dependable ride regularly. Because of this, you want to ensure it maintains both its look and functionality. Because of how much your car means to you, it has to be protected by all means. One of the areas of your car that needs the ultimate protection is the paint job. A paint protection film or PPF ProShield Montreal is a great solution to protect your car’s paint. With a PPF, a high-compact area can keep looking new and offers benefits when professionally installed. Installing a PPF or clear bra is a task that must be left to the pros. 

How PPF Works

A PPF is a transparent film meant to protect a car’s paint job. It does its job without ruining the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Today’s PPF is composed of four layers that severe various purposes. Its main ingredient is the urethane layer due to its versatility, strength, and resilience to damage. The bottom layer is made of acrylic adhesive for more flexibility and to ensure it does not peel off. Also, there is a polyester release layer and a clear coat to make the film transparent. 

How the Film is Installed

Every PPF installation is different; however, every process begins with preparation to clean the vehicle and heal the damage. This can be done by washing the car or repairing and correcting the paint job. 

After this step, the materials must be cut to the right shape and size. Often, this is carried out using a machine called a plotter or by an expert’s hand. The next step is fitting every piece onto the vehicle and this requires a skilled hand. The amount of time required to complete the installation process depends on the amount of car area you want to cover. You can cover either the entire car or just the headlights and front bumper. 

Because installing the PPF involves several steps, there is a chance of mistakes, which can ruin the final results. A simple mistake can lead to problems like yellowing, blistering, discolouration, oxidation, and peeling. Because of this, the installation process must be done carefully. Also, the right film must be used. Low-quality products may be prone to damage and may not last for a long time. So, find professionals who use quality films to complete the PPF installation process.  

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