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How To Earn Money By Scrapping Your Car


Do you need some extra cash? I bet you do. Everyone needs some extra cash. Money will not find you though, you have to go out and get it. Some people think that they can’t earn money doing anything but sitting on their couch watching TV all day long, but that’s just simply not true. All you need is a little motivation and imagination, then it’s possible for anyone to make some quick money whenever needed by scrapping your car here. First of all, stop thinking about the seconds of time you are putting in this work, because minutes are quickly turning into hours of hard work if done right, so keep at it!

Areas of Scrapping Your Car

There are several areas where scrap metal is commonly located. You can easily find these types of scrap metal just by looking around your town or city- new construction sites are where you will find new steel beams and other metal objects, usually left behind after the project. It’s perfectly legal to remove these metals so long as it’s not at night or on weekends because this can lead to suspicion of illegal activity.

Another good place for finding items which you can sell for cash is old abandoned buildings where demolition has occurred. You will often see many appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, microwaves and even washers and dryers which still contain nickel parts inside them from their creation. These components can be recycled to earn a profit for yourself. Some people make a career out of scrapping appliances like these.

What You Need to Start Scrapping Your Car

The first thing you will need is a vehicle which can haul scrap metal. It needs to be at least a small pick-up truck or van, but if possible, try and use something with a lift gate that’s easier to load and unload large items like appliances. Try and get as much space as you possibly can for storing junk because you’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up! If you have enough room in your truck/car then try and purchase some tie downs so the appliances don’t slide around when on the highway during transport. Safety first people! If you want cash for junk cars houston tx click here.

Not many parts of Singapore contain 100% post-consumer recyclables such as aluminium cans and newspaper, so be prepared for a little bit of searching to find the best trash. Some areas produce more steel than others so you can shop around if needed. There are also many recycling centres and scrap car dealers, like scrapcar.com.sg, which allow you to take as much as they will pay for, but be careful! If it’s not an established business, they may try and screw you over with their payment prices (I’ve experienced this myself). But if you do run into this problem just refuse to make any sales with them because there are plenty of other places who won’t try to trick you like that.

Always look for businesses who buy metal by weight or flat price rather than ‘per item’. The only time where buying per item is worth it is when it comes purchasing valuable items that are worth their weight as a whole.

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